Vapers “Be Cautious” When Buying in NH

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Vapers are driving to the granite state from Mass in order to purchase smoking products. Massachusetts has placed a 4-month ban of vaping products. This has almost completely leveled small business to our neighbors to the south.

With the ban of everything from flavored vape juice all the way to THC cartridges, many Massachusetts citizens are heading north to New Hampshire where businesses haven’t been met with the same burden.

The allure is easy – why wouldn’t you drive the extra 10-minutes to access vape juice without taxes? The benefits are there, you can still work on quitting cigarettes without breaking the bank – hell, even on gas mileage youre probably saving just by taxes alone. Its just a hop across the boarder into Salem or Nashua, and you can get anything you want for practically half of what you originally paid for in Mass.

NH Vapers and our State Government

The problem resides in New Hampshire’s inability to legalize cannabis. Every state around us (including Canada) has done so and many vape shops across the country cater to both those who use nicotine e-juice as well as those who use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

The issue is those who forget that New Hampshire still hasn’t fully legalized cannabis (which is an honest mistake). New Hampshire law states that a citizen can possess up to 3/4 of an ounce and for the recreational states that surround New Hampshire, they are legally allowed to sell larger quantities.

NH Vapers

So for the average person who stops at the dispensary but has to head up north now for vape juice, your plans need to change. Police will still actively attempt to charge you for possession. This means Mass. license plates could potentially be cop magnets.

The issue on the boarder has been a topic of choice for the past two years. Someone in Massachusetts can purchase cannabis and even make the mistake of taking the wrong turn into a state that hasn’t caught up with the time. New Hampshire still remains dangerous for the surrounding states to come to.

While New Hampshire wants Massachusetts citizens to come up and purchase products from our small businesses, they also want our citizens to the south to slip up and bring their weed. They’re counting on it.

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