The Best Vape Pen: iKrusher S3

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The iKrusher S3 is the revolutionary technological improvement in 510 thread technology. Boasting a powerful battery and variable voltage, the standard vape pen will now play by iKrushers rules.

To start – finding the perfect balance of discretion and power has been a tight rope walk since the inception of vape pens.

S3: The Best 510 Thread Vape Pen

The history of vapes goes back quite a few years now. When they first started out, they would have low battery power, and the standard tank/cartridge had low quality parts. Nowadays, the standard technological innovation has brought major improvement in performance and power.

By boasting a whopping 350 mAh rechargeable battery and variable voltage settings between 2.8 and 4.2 volts – this 510 thread battery can handle the thickest concentrates.

Vape Pen Innovations

When the first vape pen hit the shelves, it didn’t have enough power or charge to handle the thicker oils. Although it was developed to solely handle thinner ejuice, it didn’t take long until the stoners thought about using it for dabs.

By utilizing a solvent, they could use it to break down the wax into a thinner form. This allows the cartridge to utilize less power while maintaining its optimal performance.

510 Thread Batteries Upgrade

While the S3 vape battery is still king, it took a long time for these devices to gain the popular notoriety that they have today. They were originally too weak to handle wax, but soon the technology caught up with the times and smaller MORE powerful batteries were introduced to shelves.

While providing more power – the next idea was to implement a customizable feature. Thus, having variable voltage provided users with the perfect balance that they wanted. With three clicks, you could adjust the setting on your pen to provide the best possible experience.

510 Thread Cartridges Improve

While vape batteries were still innovating – so too were the cartridges of the time. It didn’t take long for the cotton wick (which could handle the high voltage output) to be replaced with more durable and cleaner heating elements.

The most popular of these was the use of ceramic. Ceramic coils provided the high durability and resistance over titanium (which could burn too hot) or glass (which wasn’t as durable).

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