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Cannabis in New Hampshire is still only decriminalized. While you may not face the same jail time as some others, you may want to still be careful when you want to use cannabis in the granite state. We put together a list of how to use cannabis without getting caught.

Back in 2017, the granite state decided to decriminalize cannabis possession. While this was a major improvement, it still fell far behind the rest of New England. Mass had already legalized, Vermont was just passing cannabis legalization and Maine already implemented home grow initiatives. At the same time, NH was still like “let’s just decriminalize”.

Now, some people may find this to be a benefit, and it was – but it was a double edge sword. See, the governor and police chief wanted to still find a way to penalize citizens. Cannabis was decriminalized up to 3/4 of an ounce. This was implicated due to most users purchasing in a full ounce. They knew what the standard was and they knew how they could benefit from it.

New Hampshire has yet to fully legalize cannabis for a number of reasons, most of which are obvious to the public. While they can still throw the old chestnut of “what about the children?!” they don’t have much to say when they control all hard liquor in the drunkest state in the country.

They do not want to give up the hold they have on taxable alcohol for private industries. From their perspective, they can still benefit from penalizing users and receiving large sums from alcohol sales.

So how do we get around these ridiculous parameters?

Cannabis Vapes In New Hampshire

In order to use cannabis in New Hampshire, there are a number of ways to get around being caught. Unless you are driving erratically and giving someone a reason to pull you over, you don’t have much to worry about.

Vaporizer technology has developed so quickly, that it is now becoming one of the most popular methods for using cannabis in the United States.

This is due to a number of reasons. The first being discretion. While cannabis has a long lasting and recognizable smell, extraction methods have created ways to eliminate this issue.

Gone are they days where “discrete” meant sticking your pipe in an odorless container or a smell proof bag. The manufacturing of wax and the use of disposable vape pens make this almost impossible to detect in public.

New Hampshire citizens can go for a hike, go to Hampton Beach or really anywhere that isn’t a detriment to others and smoke weed. Families don’t need to walk down Elm Street anymore and receive huge wafts of weed smell in their (and their child’s) faces.

There are a number of cannabis vaporizers to choose from. From 510 thread cartridges to pre filled vape pods and disposable vapes. You can have your wildest pick of the selection for what best benefits you!

Edible Cannabis In New Hampshire

Since we knew how, we have been throwing really weird stuff into our foods. So why not weed? Cannabis edibles are one of the best ways to enjoy weed undetected. On the outside, it looks like a normal cookie or brownie, but on the inside, you get the sweet THC without looking suspicious. Nobody is going to judge you for eating a brownie in public. They just think you’re having a snack.

Also, after reading this, some people may say: “NOw, EveRy TimE I See SomeONE Eating a BrOwNie iM GoInG To ThInK ItS WeEd.” – thats, like, your problem, man. 75% of New Hampshire citizens want cannabis legalized and nobody really cares…well except for Sununu and whoever our police chief is.

Edibles are slowly activating way to enjoy cannabis. Now, this means that you should probably take it well before you get to your destination. Before heading to that show at the SNHU arena, or out for a hike, you will eventually feel the full effects. So take that into consideration.

Responsible Cannabis Use

Listen, we all want to enjoy cannabis. Regardless of your states legality of cannabis, its best to enjoy within your limits. Now, it’s far less an issue than alcohol is, but still, its good to play it on the safe side. if you are home alone then by all means smoke your hat off, but if you are going out on the town or are in public, it’s best not to overdue it.

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