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the budgrower

The Budgrower is one of the best full-spectrum kits on the market. Cannabis cultivation has been on the rise since a number of states have implemented common-sense policies. While there are plenty of options on the market for grow tents, many are simply manufactured over seas and only give beginner growers the most basic of products. Not the Budgrower! We are going to go through why this kit delivers the best results for beginner growers.

The Budgrower Provides Everything You Need Minus Water and Seeds

Tents like Gorilla Grow and Vivosun are some of the leading tent producers. Unfortunately their home grow kits are lackluster and do not provide everything necessary for a first-time grower.


Their tents come in a wide array of sizes. Each one caters to your personal needs. Own an apartment and only have a small space? Perfect! They have multiple 2x2x5 tents that can easily fit anywhere. Under the stairs, in a spare closet or in the corner of your living room – there isn’t a place where they can’t fit! I have had a few grow tents in my time. Many of them feel cheaper and can tear when putting everything together. These guys hold up and are extremely durable!


the budgrower

One of the most important features for grow kits are the lights. While many are stuck in the past and using “blurple” LED’s, this company utilizes the most cost-effective quantum board LED lights. Mars Hydro T-1000’s are possibly the best budget light on the market and it allows for growers to adjust each setting without adding the extra cost to their energy bill.


You can’t grow without the proper nutrients! Their tailored made special blend of nutrient enriched super soil can be utilized along with Foxfarm potting soil to help give your plants everything they need. No need for pesky additives such as nutrient boosters. Just add water and watch your plants grow!


Their carbon filtration systems do a great job in an open-room based system of growing. The fan can be utilized to let stagnant air our of the tent and adjust the temperature. As I live in a small apartment, the stress of having my apartment smell like a grow operation is next to none due to how well this performed. Absolutely smell proof!

The Budgrower: Designed By Expert Growers Who Love Educating

While many other companies offer you a decent package, once you receive it – you’re on your own. The Budgrower comes from a family of top-notch growers within the industry to give first-time growers the best education as possible. You aren’t just buying a tent from these guys, you are buying a full-scale education in cannabis. Their friendly staff is available via social media or by calling them directly! They will hold your hand and guide you through the growing journey.

Check out their website and see how growing cannabis can save you money and give you the best results!

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