The Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In New Hampshire

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new hampshire medical marijuana dispensary

New Hampshire medical marijuana dispensaries offer everything that you could think of. From vape pens, to pre-rolled joints, wax and dry herb, NH medical marijuana dispensaries have it all. While the granite state is covers a small area, there are three primary medical marijuana dispensaries with satellite branches located throughout.

Temescal Wellness

Located in Lebanon, Keene and Dover – Temescal Wellness provides some of the best possible Medical Cannabis products. They’re experts in how to handle different medical marijuana card holders and their overall approach is professional yet friendly. You really get the feeling that they want to help you.

They carry a vast array of medical cannabis products and serve those suffering from PTSD to chronic pain. They offer a great assortment of high quality vape pens, dry herb, wax and shatter.

Sanctuary ATC – Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Sanctuary prides itself as being one of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in New Hampshire. With their main headquarters in Plymouth, NH and a satellite branch in Conway – they cover the Northern section of New Hampshire.

Sanctuary ATC some of the best services in New Hampshire. It is more than just a medical marijuana dispensary – they also provide training and services for users who have a New Hampshire issued medical marijuana license.

Prime ATC

Prime ATC provides an assortment of services for New Hampshire MMJ Cardholders. They assist in finding qualified doctors! When walking into their business you will be shocked to see the wide assortment of MMJ products. There is no short straw when it comes to quality and they carry the best names in medical marijuana.

New Hampshire Medical Marijuana Program

While New Hampshire has made farther strides than many other US states, they still fall far behind any of the most progressive ones when it comes to common-sense legalization policies.

One of the hardest programs to manage has been the medical marijuana program. Even at the stage where New Hampshire has decriminalized small levels of possession of marijuana, they have put massive restrictions on what is considered an ailment treatable with medical marijuana.

Since its inception – it HAS picked up the pace, but it left itself so far behind that it still has not caught up to where – in reality – it should be.

The Best Medical Marijuana Products For New Hampshire

Many first time users will find themselves not knowing where to start. For them we suggest premium quality vape pens. Vape pens come in a wide ranges of style shapes and functions. Let’s go through the list of what to look for!

510 Thread Vape Pen

These are the most common types of vape pens on the market. They are the universal standard and they have become the staple for most people to recognize what a vape pen is. The 510 thread vape pen comes with two components. The first is the 510 thread cartridge and the second is the battery.

510 Thread Cartridge

The 510 thread cartridge implements a 510 thread in order to screw onto the battery. These devices were the first to hit the market and could showcase what vape pen technology of the time could do.

Through research and development, they were able to recognize that all 510 thread cartridges should utilize a ceramic coil. This allows for the optimal heat temperature and resistance while also providing the most flavorful experience.

510 Thread Battery

The 510 thread battery has also undergone major upgrades to what it is today. By implementing a variable voltage, users can select a range of voltage setting in order to have the most custom vape pen experience.

Vape Pod Systems

Vape pods are an interesting idea. Take the universal concept of the 510 thread vape pen and change the shape to only fit your pods! If you are a fan of a specific medical marijuana oil company, then you can keep coming back. Best of all – you can usually find the specific vape pen given away for promotional deal at any of the New Hampshire medical marijuana dispensaries.

Disposable Vape Pens For New Hampshire Medical Marijuana

Disposable vape pens are quickly becoming the hot take for many new MMJ cardholders. This is due to their simple use and discrete nature. While the 510 thread battery can provide a number of customizable features, many people are turned away if it gets too confusing. The disposable vape pen has adopted all the current vape pen technology in order to effectively vape your medical marijuana oil.

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