THC Above 25%: Is It Even Worth It?

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THC is one of the largest reasons someone would purchase cannabis. By now, 44% of all Americans have access to recreational marijuana, with that comes new markets as well as every grower trying to produce the next “big bud”. While many new consumers are starting to look into the benefits of smoking (or ingesting) cannabis, the high numbers are becoming the main selling point. With percentages ranging close to 40% – the question arises: Is it worth it?

The answer is surprisingly “no”.

For starters, the “high THC market” comes at a price. Obviously the better the bud, the higher the cost but now that the industry is solely focusing on high THC levels, they have left all other factors in the dust – and for what? Meh, a sharp increase in sales.

What The industry Focus on High THC Means?

So the industry is putting all their eggs in one basket. Some of us are familiar with the “entourage effect”. This value utilizes all components of the cannabis plant to give users a much more appropriate experience. When you focus solely on one factor – you lose the rest.

Basically – the high THC market is a gimmick – at least that’s the energy surrounding it currently. Most people who have tried high percentage cannabis do it for the sake of trying it. Once they realize they can’t get higher – OR that it’s not quite what they’re looking for, they move back to their regular strains.

There is a “Silver Lining”

So, yes, the industry moving into simply focusing on THC might be more of a gimmick amongst the industry right now – but it also means that if a grower can focus on that, then they can focus on other components to make the cannabis market explode.

Hear me out, yes high THC is spearheading the industry and it might be a quick cash grab, but that means we have solidified making it stronger. With that one side now manifested, the rest are playing catchup. I would argue that over the next decade we will not only see high THC levels, but the surrounding components to make them a much more enjoyable feature for cannabis users.

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