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NH is facing a vaping issue. Over the past few weeks, the health concerns of vaping have gone from something in the back of people’s heads to a full-blown panic. With 6 deaths, and over hundreds of cases of vape-related illnesses, Donald Trump is now turning his efforts to putting an end to vaping.

We are here to clarify misinformation in regards to what is happening.

Vitamin E and Black Market Purchases in THC Cartridges NH

Like anything on the black market, you’re not 100% sure of what you’re buying. That is what is happening here. You want to make sure the cartridges you are buying have been third party tested and has those test results located on the package. The problem comes when people sacrifice knowing whats in their product for value.

Black market cartridge sellers will find a bulk order online for less than what they could purchase via friends. The original wholesaler can cut costs by changing the ingredients.

Vitamin E has been used to replace the cost of solvents. Solvents are what cartridge manufacturers use to turn CBD/THC wax into a vape oil. The problem with using Vitamin E is that it can cause respiratory problems.

Vitamin E is legal in most US markets.

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Vaping Vitamin E

Tocopheryl Acetate is the specific form of Vitamin E that some catridge wholesalers use.

Tocopheryl-acetate can cling to the inside walls and membrane of the lungs and acts as an almost saran-wrap for a persons lungs.

Tocopheryl-acetate was safe based on its FDA safety sheet, which lists it as a nutrient. According to an FDA commercial safety data sheet. This was added to cartridges afer the FDA regulation specified there was no damage.

NH Vaping Issue : JUUL

Vitamin E was found in JUUL brand pods which is why the FDA has been cracking down on them. For JUUL pods, which are pre-filled and sit on shelves the use of Vitamin E has a much larger shelf life than other oils. This does not go so far into regular vape system/ closed pod devices as their bottles are air tight, sealed, and tamper proof.

What Should You Look For in a Vape Cartridges/Juice?

Know your brand.

Do research and stay away from “value” cartridges. Gas stations carry cheaper forms of THC/CBD and have a higher potential of selling cheap cartridges infused with cheaper chemicals.

Smoke dry-herb.

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Knowing your grower and understanding what you are purchasing is top priority for enjoying your recreational or medical experience. Local farmers take pride in their growing operations and many in New England have decided to go full organic!

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