NH Smokes: Top 5 Cartridge Devices for Summer 2019

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The Slim Battery by S6th Sense

If you’re looking for a reliable, inexpensive cartridge pen this summer, look no further than the Slim Battery by S6th Sense. This guy is the TOYOTA of batteries. It features a hearty 380 mAH battery (about 100mAH more than the next standard stick pen), a universal micro USB charger, and 3 temperatures settings. All of this is wrapped up into a small, discrete and powerful battery that you can take anywhere!

4. U-key by Dazzvape.

The U-key is a high powered cartridge device that fits in the palm of your hand. This device comes in a discrete, key-fob style easy to use single button operation with three temperature control settings, and has a 350 mAH battery life. This device is small, handy, and portable for on the go hikes, days at the beach or chillin’/grillin’ at your neighbors barbecue.

3. Hyde by Lokee.

Lokee Hyde is a new small and compact designed mod that perfectly fits in your palm. Featuring 450mAh built in battery and three variable voltage settings. Hyde comes with two magnetic adapters and suitable for 12mm, 0.5ml & 1.0ml oil tanks.

2.UNI by Yocan

This system definitely hits the mark when it comes to power, function and longevity. The UNI utilizes a magnetic adapter that fits all standard 5/10 thread cartridges, has a whopping 650 mAH battery, can fit both .5mL and 1mL cartridge and uses a standard micro USB charging port. A few special features for the UNI are a locking mechanism on top that tightly secures and protects cartridges of all sizes and the adjustable features for cartridges come in the form of a latch on the front that can move up or down.

1. GT800 by Dazzvape

The GT800 is a fantastic device that puts form, functionality, and ease of use in the palm of your hand. With an 800 mAH battery this will last you for DAYS, but that’s not all! The GT800 has an LED screen that can alert the user if there are any issues with the connection or the device. We nominated this one for our top spot due to the longevity of the battery life as well as being a useful tool to help figure out any issues.

All of these devices can be purchased at your local Smokers Haven. Check out the link below to see if there is one in your neighborhood!

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