NH Musicians Fight For Legalized Cannabis

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Granite state musicians are speaking out in regards to the legalization efforts of cannabis. We all have that one uncle whose driven across the country following the Grateful Dead, but times have changed – and Jigs Music, and American Music Records bring it to you. New Hampshire is a premier spot for Jam bands.

The Trichomes

NH Bands
Photo Courtesy of Hostel Del Funk

“A trichome, when referring to Cannabis (ie Indica) it is not the hair on the surface of a leaf or stem but refers to the crystalline monstrosity on a flowering top. This is sometimes referred to as a resinous gland. I believe the original poster is the one who is “noneducated”. Trichomes are an essential ingredient in Magilla and Heezy Fosheezy. “

. They’ve played every local music festival and frequently play spots like Penuche’s in Manchester and The Stone Church in Newmarket. They’re a fusion of surf/gypsy/jam/funk that gets you Check out their music video for “Spooky Lady” and more of their music.

The Hot Chocheys


The Hot Chocheys…or better known as T.H.C plays everywhere in New Hampshire. They just came back from playing at New Hampshire’s first Pheno Cup and nailed it!

Formed in the forests of southern New Hampshire in early 2016, these five young bucks have been aggressively expanding their roots into the New England music scene. Fusing elements of funk, rock, reggae, and jazz music, backed with heavy synth sounds and wild improvisational tendencies, this band is sure to keep you guessing. More than the music alone, THC believes in the power of “the homie collective”, their immense fanbase of groovy individuals who do their best to catch every performance, near and far. It is the dedication of these friends and fans that keep the bands’ juices a-flowing.

THC Acts As Musicians For Cannabis Legalization

“Why The Hot Chocheys?” you may ask. For those of you who know Chochey personally, this won’t be a question. But to put things into perspective, Chochey is known across the New England jam-fest scene for his erotic, seductive, too-funky-to-be-fresh dance moves that get the party started without fail. Besides that, his fun-loving attitude and unconditional love that he brings to friends and strangers alike, have inspired his closest musician friends to adopt his name as a sacred title. What makes this band special, above all, is their deep and burning need to have fun with music. With songs like “Fat Flying Frogs” and “Pizza From Last Night”, they attempt to engage the crowd through lyrics and dancing as often as possible. They aim to make you move and groove, so bring out your dancing shoes and get down like a clown at the next

THC show.The band consists of:
J. Ben Chappell – Percussion
Zach Haithcock – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Hildreth – Keys/Synth/Vocals
John Roukas – Rhythm Guitar
Evan Tanzer – Bass
Chochey himself – Hypeman/Official Dancer

THC is available for booking and contact via facebookMusic Records or thehotchocheys@gmail.com Woah pizza.



Earthmark hails from New Hampshire and is part of American Music Records. They hold down the jam and have played at the MTG Pheno Cup alongside The Hot Chocheys.

” Theres way too many help benefits to ignore. Its a liberating natural product. Its helpful to us an its helpful to everyone! “

Check them out!

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