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Medical Cannabis is on the rise for New Hampshire. On Wednesday, September 18th, HB 364 – a bill permitting qualifying patients and caregivers to cultivate cannabis for therapeutic use will go to the house and be voted on.

HB 364 was vetoed by Governor Chris Sununu after a 14-10 vote passed the senate. This meeting will be to overrule the veto and allow New Hampshire citizens to grow their own medication. The bill needs two more votes in order to move forward.

Medical Cannabis Is An Issue for The State

Rick Naya, New Hampshire’s crusader of cannabis lent his voice to the bill.

” At this point, New Hampshire can no longer sit back idly. We think that what we’re doing is right when all of New England is legal. We lose to the black market. In the gray market economy to the Cannabis industry, we always fail to realize that our citizens are speaking. We should be moving into a newer New Hampshire. One day all of us can live freely and have our liberties as to other citizens in the surrounding states. The nation above us New Hampshire has fallen behind in many ways. We excel and others are the time that we have a harmonious balance which is indicative of living free or dying free.”

Two out of the three Manchester senators have voted no on the bill. Check out Marijuana Policy Project to see if your senator has shown support for the bill, if they have voted no, please reach out to them.

NH Cannabis Lacks

Patients who suffer from chronic pain will continue to face long drive times under those conditions. With limited access for both cannabis locations as well as the short laundry list of symptoms that quality patients, New Hampshire still falls extremely far behind.

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