NH Growers: Your Power Company Is A NARC

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NH growers

NH growers are facing an issue. It’s not just the fact that the state and local law enforcement are still dead-set on arresting cannabis users, but that they are finding new and more effective ways to catch those growing.

While the rest of New England has drastically moved forward over the past few years, New Hampshire still remains a place where common-sense isn’t so common.

This isn’t necessarily a reflection of the people, more so the state and its elected officials. While the rest of New England and more states across the country are moving forward to legalize cannabis, New Hampshire has actually been making moves to crack down.

This issue stems from a number of different reasons including the control of liquor, the desire to control cannabis once its legalized and the affects that the state will no longer receive large sums of money from the federal government to “fight” the opioid crisis.

Still, there are many out there defying an outdated system that works against the citizens of the state…or they just moved to any of the surrounding states.

While there are those enjoying the benefits of cannabis consumption everywhere else, some are sticking it out and playing the long game in order to develop a consistent harvest for when the time comes and the state decides to better itself.

Unfortunately, between now and then, NH growers need to be careful. We have some tips that help you solve the growing problem while not getting caught.

NH Growers Need To Be Cautious Of Smell

Smells are a dead giveaway. Which is why there have been improvements on how to deal with it. For starters, carbon filters are great. For personal use, you don’t need a big one, either. If you’re growing two- six plants for personal use then this helps to eliminate the issue. Along with adequately sealing off a room OR utilizing a high quality grow tent.

Having Too Many People In And Out Can Be A Liability

One of the issues that stems from deciding to cultivate in an illegal state is that having more people in your home or grow area can get the word out. As we know, especially in rural areas in NH – once someone knows something, the whole town knows. Ever go up to the Colebrook Rite Aid? Well the whole town now knows you were there. Why trust them to keep a secret? Unfortunately they have nothing else to do up there but gossip. At the end of the day, your neighbors aren’t really your friends.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t trust them. Just don’t trust them with THAT sort of information about your life. It’s not worth it.

NH Growers Buy Seeds With Discretion

Purchasing seeds is a dead giveaway in states where cannabis is still illegal. Making purchases with a credit/debit card is a sure-fire way to have the police knocking on your door.

Well, to be honest, one of the best ways to purchase seeds without anyone getting a hold of you is via Bitcoin or any other sort of crypto currency. This allows a grower to obtain what they need without a bank statement or paper trail. There are a number of seeds companies that accept crypto. Unfortunately, most of them are “across the pond”. This only means that it will take some time before it gets to your door.

You can check out the full list here.

The Biggest Tip For NH Growers is Utilizing Solar Power

One of the biggest giveaways for NH growers is your power company. Eversource has terrible reviews and they don’t care cause you need what they provide. While technology has developed to create more energy efficient lighting for your plants, they also know that. When they notice that you are pulling 150-watts min. running 24/7 during your veg cycle, that’s a huge red flag.

For whatever reason, your power company wants to help arrest you for using their power.

Fortunately, small quantum board lights don’t have the same effect as HID lights used to have. This makes in manageable in unison with a small solar panel.

You Can Still Get Caught

In the end, its better to play things as safe as possible. For many residents there is no need to put themselves out there as a cannabis grower in an illegal state. For others, the best way to learn how to grow or cultivate means they need to move to another state.

Still, there are variables that are out of what we can control to help you grow or learn to grow without getting caught. Keep low, play it safe and good luck.

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