NH CannaProblem = Our Governor and Police Chief.

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Governor Sununu still thinks you should be penalized for cannabis. You would think that of all the states in New England to legalize, New Hampshire would have been the first one. Unfortunately, its not. It’s not even close and its currently 2019. Unfortunately our governor and police chief think otherwise

With our state motto “Live Free or Die” being a basis for how most of its residents “live”, the question remains…when will cannabis users be able to live free?

Every NH Governor has Vetoed Legalization

The issue has always come from the state level. Our congress can be a wishy-washy experience for any sort of bill. Cannabis remains a top “no” from a majority of the senate.

From the citizens standpoint (75% of state citizens want cannabis legalized) the majority have spoken time and time again about how they want their state run. Hell, I have smoked more weed with republican state representatives than I have with close friends.

Frank Edelblut – NH Secretary of Education showed up to the 2017 NH Hempfest to support legalization.

As clearly awkward as he was to stand with a group of hippies, Frank Edelblut was a primary advocate for New Hampshire Cannabis – he is now our Secretary of Education. Now, please remember that 75% of the state wants cannabis legalized – so most of us are okay with that. We, as citizens, understand that cannabis isn’t this crazy “drug” and the paranoia behind it has gone by the wayside since the Regan-era “war on drugs”. For those who oppose, they are simply not educated enough.

The reality of the opposition, which does not represent the majority view of cannabis here in the granite state, comes from our past and present Governors and police departments – and that is the main reason why New Hampshire cannot move forward in more circumstances than simply cannabis.

Our Police Chief Is In Agreement

Every Governor has stated time and time again that any Cannabis bill that reaches their desk will be vetoed. Police Chief Mark Chase with his lack of education on cannabis will gladly step in in front of citizens and claim that it has the potential to be dangerous, all while the state owns and has a monopoly on alcohol which has claimed more lives than any statistic on cannabis – ever.

Jim McConnell, a former Republican Rep. from Cheshire County had this to say about Chris Sununu.

“…Sununu’s performance in office, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that he understands almost nothing about political leadership and that, in any event, he simply doesn’t care.

Unfortunately, opposition comes from the few that still believe cannabis to be a danger to the state, all the while they will gladly work to make a profit from alcohol consumption and prescription opiates.

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