Penalties For NH Cannabis Citizens Under Attack

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Legalize New Hampshire

The penalties for cannabis are staggeringly harsh for New Hampshire residents.

A few nights ago, one of my neighbors purchased an ounce of cannabis. He was caught, and because he had more than the regular limit, he was apprehended. My friend had nothing else on him and had no previous record. He spent 4 hours in jail and has to appear in court. This is an issue that many New Hampshire citizens face.

It has been two years since Governor Chris Sununu signed the decriminalization bill that would allow citizens to have up to 3/4 of an ounce of cannabis while receiving a simple fine, and citizens are continuing to find themselves on the receiving end of over-extensive penalties.

The Penalties For Cannabis Are Harsh

Rick Naya had this to say:

“As for what is in store for the next two years in New Hampshire if we continue with the governor that we had, we can’t make the necessary changes that will continue down the same path that we have which is ridiculous. The citizens of the State of New Hampshire have already spoken and we have clearly stated by over 70% margin that we want cannabis recreational legal, taxed, and regulated.

Within the next two years, cannabis should be at the forefront of our government’s desk. We are working on a plan to cohesively work with all of New England. This will allow patients and adults the opportunities that are forward in our constitutional rights without hindrance or delay we’ve been lie too far too long. “

NH Cannabis

Where the surrounding states like Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont have fully legalized cannabis, New Hampshire remains an island. Not only for an industry that could generate approximately 60 million dollars in taxes every year, but also the ability for many to work in areas where work isn’t readily available.

People Stand Up To Enforcement

We remain a strong voice with no outlet. In the states that have legalized, the focus has become industry and what products to buy. In New Hampshire, we feel that we are talking to a wall.

Magazines like High Times and Leafly no longer need to focus on a “battle for legalization” because, well, why? Where they are, they don’t need to deal with that. They can help promote businesses and create a constant network for individuals to promote their products and services. In New Hampshire, we can’t even pass an adequate medical cannabis program.

Even the ability to homegrow for patients and caregivers has been halted at the senate by a 13-11 vote.

New Hampshire is in the middle of every New England state that has legalized it. Even Canada. The cannabis industry is currently experiencing a shut-out from NH. Route 95, the 17 miles between Maine and Massachusetts, is one of the most heavily police areas in the state. Without trying to put a tinfoil hat on my head – it raises some suspicion.

With 75% of the state wanting cannabis to be legalized, it makes us wonder if the New Hampshire state government is listening or they have other intentions for us. The kicker is that they haven’t stopped any cannabis use.

With these speed bumps for legalization, the question remains. Why as independent citizens of New Hampshire, are we still facing the penalties for cannabis? Why can’t we move forward? We have to ask our government that question.

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