NH Cannabis Is More Popular Than Our Elected Officials

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NH cannabis is proving to be popular. How popular, you may ask? Well, according to this years UNH survey, it appears that the green space is more popular than any elected official.

The state of New Hampshire wants marijuana legalized and its getting a little fed up with how this process has turned out. Since 2009, the support for a legal market has grown. When UNH first decided to publish their surveys, the public opinion of cannabis was held at around 49%. This is just short of the halfway mark. Now, in 2021 that number has risen to over 78% in full support of legalization.

New Hampshire citizens are not only in support of legalization efforts but strongly support them.

NH Cannabis Looks More Popular Than Ever

While the surrounding states, including Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and even our neighbor to the north, Canada, have all legalized, New Hampshire remains an island of prohibition.

There are a number of reasons for this – including the states desire for control of the industry as it does with alcohol. Another issue being that cannabis is a direct competitor to alcohol.

The poll shows that its not simply a small niche of citizens who want it legalized. Everyone from your local business owner to industry professionals and leaders are in support of cannabis policies in the granite state.

As of right now, there are still fines for people who possess quantities of cannabis over 3/4 of an ounce. This is due to our chief of police enacting that rule. While the surrounding states were able to pursue common sense into their policy (by legalizing up to 1 full ounce) NH still wants to find a reason to penalize people.

The survey sheds more light into how the granite state views cannabis policies by also showing that our Governor Chris Sununu is held at 51% approval. This means cannabis is more popular than our government.

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