Why Disposable Vapes Reign King In 2023

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Disposable vapes are projected to become one of the hottest vaporizer designs in 2023. With so many technological innovations, there is no wonder so many are making the switch away from their older devices.

Disposable Vapes: An Easy Choice

Disposable vapes are the easiest and most effective vaporizer technology out on the shelves. While there are more complicated and effective products, disposable vape batteries are quickly becoming the hot choice due to how easy it is for someone to use!

Their small design means the ultimate discrete vape experience. The idea isn’t new – although vaporizers haven’t been as popular as they are now.

When they first hit the shelves, they were small, couldn’t hold a charge and were meant as simply a showcase of what the technology could do at the time.

The cotton wick was replaced by more durable ceramic coils. This meant that vaping at the higher voltage needed for thicker oils instead of vape juice was achievable. Having a coil that can handle high voltage levels. The battery also needs to keep up with the overall larger amount of energy consumption.

New Hampshire Sees Uptick In Disposable Vapes

New Hampshire is currently seeing another major uptick in vape sales. This is due in part to our neighbor to the south, Massachusetts placing extreme vape bans throughout the state. Not only is it illegal to sell disposable vapes in that state, but it’s also illegal to purchase them online. This means that many Massachusetts residents are crossing the boarder into New Hampshire to purchase normal ejuice.

Most of New Hampshire realized that having a ban on these products hurts the economy. Many small businesses rely on vaporizer sales in New Hampshire to help pay rent and so forth.

While companies like JUUL have taken the hardest hit, it wasn’t long before every other vape pen brand was filling the shelves. On top of that, large scale box-mods were moving out to be replaced by smaller portable disposable vapes.

New Hampshire Sees Sales Of 510 Thread Dab Pens

510 thread dab pens have been the pinnacle for vaping cannabis. With the extraction of THC trichomes from the raw plants material, many found that utilizing disposable vapes might be the key to changing the industry. It remains that way today!

Disposable vaporizers have had a long lasting impression in New Hampshire. As the state currently penalizes users for small quantities of cannabis, finding ways to discretely go about using cannabis is the focal point for many.

New Hampshire cannabis users were looking for a way to inhale without being noticed. From stuffing their stash box with dryer sheets to keeping a can of Fabreez on hand in their car – many were looking for a better way.

In the time that disposable vapes and 510 thread cartridges came to the granite state, there was a lot of policy changes. The first was to decriminalize cannabis up to a quarter of an ounce. Knowing that many buyers purchase in ounces, it was an easy target to still arrest people. That is why so many moved to cartridges. No scent, completely discrete and can be hidden without anyone noticing! These devices redefined how cannabis is used in New Hampshire.

The Drawback

While still 75% of new Hampshire wants cannabis legalized, the criminality of these products means that there are no officially tested cannabis cartridges and disposables (unless you’re an MMJ card holder). This removed any accountability for users to have quality cannabis products.

At a time when these concepts were starting, the DIY approach took many by storm. Thousands of people could extract and create pre filled cartridges either in their kitchen or their garage. With the lack of foresight, the black market cartridge issues and health related issues became apparent. Still nothing has been done by our local officials to pursue common-sense policies.

This put the pressure of legal cannabis vaporizers to push for more and more testing to ensure product quality. While there are still so many black market cartridge users, the results have since gone down.

Will Disposable Vapes Sell More In New Hampshire?

Cannabis and cannabis products are still held back by terrible legislation and damaging policies. While the Granite State boast “live free or die” – it often forgets itself. The surrounding states – Maine, Vermont, and Mass are all on the same page. Why hasn’t New Hampshire decided to move forward with cannabis reform?

Alcohol. As the state government runs the alcohol business, they aren’t too keen on competition. There have been motions for the government to even control cannabis production in the granite state.

While New Hampshire citizens are still broadly accepting of cannabis reform, the government doesn’t seem to be listening – or even care.

This means that it’s up to citizens to try and enjoy themselves – whether it be for recreational or therapeutic use in the discretion of the governments watchful eye.

What Will A Legalized New Hampshire Look Like?

It will look pretty much the same only you may see a couple more pot leaves flying around. Still, for some people thats WAY too many. While it appears the the majority of New Hampshirites often partake in recreational marijuana, it seems that the obvious stoners will feel a little less paranoid about their surroundings.

Still, it may be a far off approach to legalizing cannabis in New Hampshire – we can only hope that this nonsense ends soon.

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