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Scott Odette is the east coast manager of MTG Seed and for the MTG Pheno Cup located in Lancaster New Hampshire on September 28th-29th.

We spoke with Scott in regards to the new event and how this could help New Hampshire become more aware of CBD and hemp based products.

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What started the idea for the MTG Pheno Cup?

A small close group of friends sitting around talking about how to do a growing competition that levels the playing field for all without having to bring clones into their grow. Then, one of us said how cool it would be to do the awards for the winners at a Music Arts and educational Festival!

We are looking to bring awareness education about cannabis and most importantly we want make the words Live Free or Die to not disclude the Cannabis community.

How has the process been setting up for the festival?

It has been a very difficult Road with many roadblocks but with a lot of hard work and with an awesome team and community support has made the process that much easier.

What made you decide to run this event in New Hampshire?

“In, 2013 I got pulled over. I was in the process of moving, so I had a good portion of my life in the vehicle with me. When the police searched my belongings, they found two empty pipes and charged me with possession. The pipes weren’t even used! I got tired of being harassed for having less an than an eighth on me when I could move a couple miles south and grow my own medication. “

“I had to move out of the state prior to New Hampshire having a medical cannabis program in order to stop being persecuted for my medicinal use of cannabis as the doctors kept pushing pills on me and I knew there was a safer better alternative which is cannabis.”

“By the time I was 23, I was aware of the medicinal properties of cannabis. I use cannabis as medication. I have depression anxiety and back problems. Opiates don’t feel right. A puff-or-two a day keeps me on level.”

“New Hampshire has always held a special spot in my heart. And I see New Hampshire as a special place not only in this country but on this planet. I would love nothing more than to see New Hampshire get caught up with the times as far as cannabis goes. Which is why we wanted to bring this music arts and education event to the state.”

While the surrounding states have had a faster approach to medical cannabis, New Hampshire has seen very little in support its giving its residents the potential for more adequate treatment. Products like CBD have taken to popularity as citizens of the state have opted for alternative treatments in replace of pharmaceuticals. Another issue that NH citizens face is the lack of knowledge of CBD and Cannabis based therapy, this festival aims to bring some of these issues to light.

MTG Seeds, the sponsor for the event, is a multiple award winning CBD seed company which utilizes extensive cannabinoid profiling to more effectively treat specific medical ailments.

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