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Legalization NH

Marijuana still faces hard circumstances for New Hampshire citizens. For many, this helps them overcome multiple obstacles. One of the largest issues facing cannabis in New Hampshire is the lack of voice from its citizens. Where every decision on cannabis is handled at the state level, many feel they aren’t heard or that the major points of cannabis legalization are falling on deaf ears. We reached out to supporters of NHCannaNow and the legalization movement to share their views on the subject.

“There is a litany of reasons to support outright decriminalization and legalization of cannabis though as far as I’m concerned the moral reasons are enough. People do not belong in cages for consuming a plant. The possession, sale, or use of cannabis is victimless. Users of cannabis have for decades been victims of state violence via the “War on Drugs”. This must end.”

Caleb Q. Dyer is a former State Representative for the towns of Hudson and Pelham and was a co-sponsor of HB656 (2017), an act to legalize the recreational sale and use of cannabis.

Legalization for the State

NH Cannabis

I spent the majority of my life drinking every day in order to be numb as can be, it affected my family and my ability to work. I never smoked when I was younger as I knew I would be joining the army which doesn’t allow the use of cannabis. Once I retired medically from the Army, a friend recommended that I started using cannabis. It helps me every day with a myriad of problems I face in my day to day life.

It’s something I believe should be allowed for medical and recreational use. In my opinion, cannabis saved my life (or at a minimum my liver). I no longer have the urge to drink, it’s amazing. People get to enjoy and remember what happens on a day to day basis and everyone who knows me has seen a huge positive change in my mood/outlook on life. I ask to please allow the use of medical and recreational cannabis in our great state of New Hampshire, live free or die.
Aaron Marion SGT US Army retired

Marijuana Speakers

“Cannabis is not illegal because our loving government is concerned about us. The problem lies within human consciousness and the social conditioning we have experienced in the past thousands of years. Cannabis is natural. Nature is not our enemy. Plants that connect you with fellow humans and nature are somehow legal and that makes no sense. If you really want to mess yourself up we have alcohol, sugar, TV, tobacco, and plenty of pills. Experience shows us a side of reality others are oblivious to. The people who lack experience with cannabis should not be making decisions for everyone else about cannabis. I know I would not be the person today if it were not for cannabis.”
Maia Jolicoeur

” I have a diagnosis of “Bipolar I”. I’ve been through ECT, Abilify, Depakote, Zoloft, Zyprexa, Ativan, Saphris, Paxil, Lithium, and Latuda. Cannabis is an ally and supports good health in conjunction with certain other meds depending on the patient. Cannabinoids support a healthy diet, sleep regimen, and more. Cannabis deserves respect for the medication it provides and as beneficial to “healthy normals” too in their pursuit of thriving
Shamus Heffernan

I have been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and mood disorder. I’ve been arrested 3 times for possession of marijuana and have paid countless amounts of legal fees just to have access to a medicine that works for me. Its time to make access to this plant affordable easy and legal. locally grown plants could stimulate the local economy and drive up tourism and cut down on congestion in neighboring states that have already passed legal recreational programs. Its time for a NEW New Hampshire!
Danny Frennette

Marijuana Makes Sense To Legalize

“Look at all the states who have legalized it, they’re doing great things. We have a homeless problem and an opioid crisis. Legalizing marijuana would help to fund the places that are struggling with these issues Ike Manchester.
All the shelters in the cities around Manchester have shut down; they’re directing their homeless here because it’s where all the services are. There are OD’s at the shelter every night; the other day the FD was there over 2 dozen times. There are not enough beds to hold them all. New Hampshire, due to lack of taxes does not have a bunch of revenue to begin with.

Brooke Leache

“We need to legalize cannabis. There are only 2 decent disc golf courses in my area and we can do better.

Joe Mitchell

Legalization Helps Patients

“At 22 I was put on disability because my body was rapidly deteriorating due to Ehlers-danlos Syndrome. This condition causes my joints to subluxate, my muscles to ache, and a myriad of other problems that made daily life and tasks increasingly difficult as the years went by. Now that I have a cannabis regimen, I have full range if movement, my pain has been cut to less than half, and I have my life back. I’m currently back to working full time and about to be coming off disability permanently. Cannabis gave me my life back.
Johnny Goode

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