Vape Ban = Helping NH Business?

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Massachusetts is still stuck in a 4-month ban of nicotine juices as well as legal vape cartridges. This has brought a lot of attention to us, New Hampshire the granite neighbor to the north. New Hampshire has relaxed policies on vape juice. It has appeared many small business owners have capitalized on what Massachusetts is now missing out on.

With the vaping ban on legal THC cartridges throughout MA (with the exception of medical vape pens) many are taking notice. Small MA businesses have taken the largest hit with speculation that the state will continue with its ban even after the 4 months period is up.

The Vape Ban Hurts Consumers

The health issues stem from black market THC cartridges. Ineffective extraction methods from illegitimate sellers create questionable and overlooked properties. These properties can lead to health risks. A legitimate product goes through strenuous 3rd party testing. FOr at-home operators, testing is hard to do.

The vape ban has taken away the “safe” products and has increased the black market tremendously. This has been an issue for New Hampshire citizens. Considering the state has never established a legitimate and safe marketplace for cannabis.

While many are still waiting to get their hands on the next hot vape item, many are still driving countless miles to states where the legality of these products isn’t under scrutiny.

Many small shops in New Hampshire are keeping notice of how many out-of-stater is traveling to the granite state in order to purchase nicotine products.

For businesses they love the opportunity for more customers and have acted accordingly.

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