Legalization In NE: How NH Remains Unfriendly Towards Cannabis

Legalization has now hit Connecticut. This only leaves two states behind in the realm of legalizing cannabis.

It’s been a long and troublesome time for New Hampshire residents. On one hand, the state continues to suffer one of the highest opioid epidemics per capita in the country. On the other hand, the states boasts the highest alcohol consumption. Both of these issues are allowed by only a handful of individuals – mainly our state Governor: Chris Sununu.

On the other side of the Mass line – we have Rhode Island. The smallest state in the country and while they still haven’t fully legalized, the prospect of a new industry is on the table – this is in sharp contrast to the granite state where any and all efforts for cannabis consumption continue to be shot down.

Legalization of New England Hurts Those Visiting New Hampshire

One of the biggest problems now facing out of staters is the inability to cross state lines. The majority of New Englanders can travel through each state with small amounts of cannabis without the intrusion of police. New Hampshire – being smack dab in the center of industry trade routes presents far more difficult lanes for transportation. If you ware in Vermont and want to ship your cannabis to a dispensary in Maine good luck! New Hampshire is in the way! The same issue applies to Massachusetts to Maine – or, really, ANY LEGALIZED STATE TO MAINE.

While the state remains steadfast in its disapproval of cannabis legalization we ask why? Well, there are a few basic reasons for this:

The New Hampshire Government Controls Alcohol

It’s a pretty simple concept. Major businesses hate competition – and the state of New Hampshire has a very strong grip on alcohol. In fact, it’s one of the state’s largest industries. We all know about the liquor stores off of i-93 – it’s hard to not notice. While it might be a funny thing to point out to out-of-staters, it does create a direct comparison to the high alcohol consumption rates. These stores add to the massive income for the state – and it’s pretty obvious that they do not want anyone to compete with them.

One of the largest reasons for blocking any sort of forward thinking cannabis policies isn’t safety for public health – it’s so the state doesn’t lose money on what it controls.

Legalization Will Create Fewer Options For Police To Arrest You

So now you know that the state controls liquor, but did you know that they have removed public funding for police? That’s right! New Hampshire receives a whopping sum of 1.3 million dollars each year to fight the opioid crisis. But what does this mean for the cannabis industry and how is it related?

Well, in order to continue to have that funding from the Federal Government – they need to prove that the money is being put to good use. One of the easiest ways to get penalized in NH is by possessing cannabis. I’m pretty sure there’s a correlating factor in how 75% of New Hampshirites want cannabis legalized and how many of them actually use it.

This leaves an easy market for the police to catch you with a possession charge. Granted, the state is no longer fully illegal, but even a charge for possession seems unnecessary since every state that surrounds New Hampshire is fully legalized.

With cannabis fully legalized, this means that the police will have a harder time finding reasons to arrest people. If they aren’t arresting people – then they lose funding. No more brand new vehicles, no more costly raises, and no more penalizations for cannabis possession.