Legalization For New Hampshire Citizens

Legalization is one of the largest topics for the state of New Hampshire. While NH is decriminalized, many still feel the force of legal/illegal purchasing. We want to address a number of concerns about the safety of the public – not just for those who smoke but for the community at large.

The prospects for legalization will help small businesses, drive the local economy, and provide tax funding for underfunded programs.

Legalization and Crime

We understand that even though the state no longer incarcerates individuals for possession of cannabis, the impact of enforcement is still questioned by up to 73% of state residents. Where New Hampshire was last in line to decriminalize, many could have been spared jail-time. The impact of the law led to larger incarceration rates for possession. The effects of unjust laws have placed a larger burden on the public than the overall crime of consuming cannabis.

For many, a ticket for cannabis possession can be costly. We believe that this needs to end.

Tax Benefits

New Hampshire legalization provides many benefits for public funding. Current projected tax revenue for the state of New Hampshire is $64,000,000 per hear. This would provide a vast increase in public funding for education systems and other public projects throughout the state.

Small Businesses

The economic impact of legalization will benefit small businesses throughout the state. Not only will this help generate a larger industry for the state, but the surrounding states can now legally transport between lines. This opens up new avenues for businesses.