NH Home Grow Initiatives: Are Patients Being Heard?

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NH home grow is lacking drastically. While the surrounding state are continuing to develop better methods for patients, that granite state has yet to enact anything to help.

For starters, NH MMJ cardholders have only a few places to go in order to receive medical marijuana. Despite medical marijuana having been legal for 8 years, advancements in policy and cardholder benefits are stuck. The result? High cost cannabis that is too far out of reach for many.

While New Hampshire maintains its “island of prohibition” status, let’s take a look at the surrounding states.

Home Grow In Maine

As of right now, the ability for ANYONE old enough to grow cannabis can do so. Maine has been one of the best places for growing from home. As opposed to the other legal states, the limit to grow is much, much higher.

A person 21+ can grow up to 12 vegetative plants and a whopping 6 plants in the bloom stage. This is the best response for home grow in the country.

Vermont Cannabis Growing

The state of Vermont has a different approach, but still, nowhere near as restrictive as the state of New Hampshire. An adult 21+ can have up to 4 plants in the vegetative stage and 2 plants in the bloom stage.

Although it doesn’t grant the ability for adults to grow more, its still an effective method for continual harvesting. By keeping 4 in veg and 2 in bloom, you can maintain a 2-in 2-out system. Two plants can easily grant a grower up to 1-pound every 3 months.

Mass Home Grow

Massachusetts allows for an adult 21+ to grow up to 6 plants in their home. If there is more than 1 person 21+ who also resides in the home, the home can grow up to 12 plants at a time. For couples who enjoy cannabis, this is the best method.

While Maine allows for a larger number, they have to limit the quantity of production down to 2 plants. While Massachusetts allows for up to 12 plants at a time.

NH Home Grow Continues To Fall Behind

As of right now, the two major factors holding up any cannabis initiative is both our Chief of Police, and our Governor. The main reason being that it makes it harder for police to do their jobs.

While 75% of the state wants cannabis legalized, it appears that it still rests in the hands of a few people looking to optimize their budget.

Will home grow be available to New Hampshire adults?

Chris Sununu says: “You never know”.

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