Home Grow Is Increasing Due To COVID-19

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Home grow methods are becoming one of the most popular ways for active cannabis users to not only save money but to fully operate their own medications.

COVID-19 continues to sweep through the US at an alarming rate. Many people are turning to new methods to save money while still benefiting from the therapeutic use of cannabis. This is taking a massive turn for those who cannot seek out their medication due to COVID-19 closures, turning to at-home operations.

As it was before the events of COVID-19, New Hampshire had a lot of problems to overcome. This comes in the form of the state’s medical cannabis program. Cardholders weren’t issued their cards in a timely manner, and many (if not most) had to drive long distances and sit through considerable pain in order to purchase their medication.

NH Lacks Desired Interest In Expanding Its MMJ Program

A lot of these issues stem from the state’s inability to act in the appropriate manner for MMJ cardholders. Many continue to suffer from opiate addiction due to the state’s push for more prescriptions. Others are suffering from not being able to get the appropriate medications on time or in a painless manner.

One of the state’s largest medical dispensaries – Sanctuary ATC is located in the lakes region of the state. They are approximately 40 minutes from Concord – the state capitol. This means that the majority of New Hampshirites – the ones who live south of Concord, need to drive upwards of an hour or more one way to get their state-sanctioned prescription medications. Many of these people suffer from back pain. Sitting for extended amounts of time can be more hurtful for them. This is in sharp contrast to prescription opiates. Many people who are under prescriptions can simply pick them up at their local corner store.

Due to the current events, people are finding it harder to access their legal medications. The surrounding states think differently. Medical patients can grow their own due to the lack of access. New Hampshire state officials are continuing to put down MMJ cardholders by limiting their resources.

Home Grow Is Denied For NH MMJ Holders

The last time New Hampshire had their hand in the “pot” they shut down a bill to allow MMJ home grow. Cardholders continue to have no right to grow their own supply. This is drastically restricting thousands of citizens from accessing legal medications that help.

The current head of New Hampshire’s medical patients, Heather Brown has been attempting to work with the state. She mentions how patients are being treated within the community. It stems from both the state lagging behind on issuing cards and a lack of support for citizens from the state.

“I think the major issue is medical accessibility in relation to finding a provider that will actually write a recommendation for a therapeutic cannabis card. People are still running into problems with their doctors who will not write out a recommendation because of either lack of education or fear of losing financial federal support. Neither reason is a good enough reason to deny person support when looking to take the therapeutic cannabis route instead of pharmaceuticals, or even in some cases, surgery. “

For many, home grow is the perfect choice in order to help them with their medical conditions. Apparently the state thinks that continuing their path is still the correct one…even if it means the continued suffering for its citizens.

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