HB 364 – Senate Fails To Overrule

HB 364, a bill that will allow MMJ holders the benefits of home grow, has fallen short at the senate. The New Hampshire Senate failed to meet the 2/3 vote which would overrule Governor Chris Sununu’s veto of BH 364; a bill would allow medical cannabis cardholders as well as caregivers to grow small amount of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

The overrule passed the house by a large vote while at the senate, things did not go so well. Fortunately, some strides were made.

“Unfortunately 364 failed by three votes. No Senator from Manchester voted to support it. Senate Bill 88 did pass which now does away with the three-month relationship with a provider in order to apply for a therapeutic cannabis card and it also does away with the requirement of a photograph for the Therapeutic Cannabis program. A much better way to also maintain a patient’s privacy and also increase accessibility.” Says Heather Brown the Patient Member currently serving under the New Hampshire Therapeutic Cannabis Medical Board.

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Governor Chris Sununu vetoed the bill stating:

“New Hampshire has reasonable regulations set up to ensure that our therapeutic cannabis program responsibly treats those in need while limiting the diversion of marijuana to the black market and ensuring that products meet public health standards.”

This quote coming just before New Hampshire received an audit due to not issuing card holders their medical cannabis card within the 5 day period.

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