Ready To Grow From Home? These Seed Companies Are The Best In NE

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Many are choosing to grow cannabis in their legal state. Cultivating your own cannabis at home is gaining massive popularity. Regardless of which US bubble you may be in (West Coast, Colorado, New England) the methods of obtaining either your recreational or medical cannabis are changing.

Now, more than ever before are people taking the initiative to set up their own personal grow center in their house, garage, attic, basement – wherever.

Back in the day, growing cannabis at home used to take a lot of time effort, and money. With both innovation and legalization in the US, these methods are drastically shrinking. Long gone are the days of using massive heat lamps that increase your energy bill, or the fear of your neighbors finally figuring out that it isn’t a skunk in your back yard ( he knew about it, he was just cool with it until it got to a point). Nowadays, anyone can grow cannabis on their property – even if they have the world’s worst green-thumb.

Well, you’ve bought your home-grow kit and now your ready to have your own medication or recreational cannabis without ever leaving the house. Now what? You need seeds.

We put together a list of the best local seeds in New England to help you make the best choice for your harvest. Scott Odette, director of The Pheno Cup helped make this happen with his event in September.

Grow At Home With These Award-Winning Seed Companies

#1: Brothers Grimm

Brother’s Grimm took two spots at The Pheno Cup. With the first-place prize for both the Indica and Sativa categories, Brothers Grimm is quickly making a name for themselves in the North East. They put together seeds with the perfect breeding plan in mind. In a world where everyone is trying to “Frankenstein” the next big hit, Brothers Grimm has their routes planned and acted upon accordingly. Its no wonder that they win awards.

#2: City Slickers Genetics

City Slickers is another first place winner. Having won the top spot in the hybrid category, many people are now flocking to get their hands on some of the best seeds in New England. The guys have a wide selection of top-tier cannabis seeds.

Throughout the North East, the newly emerging cannabis industry is making its way over the current obstacles of government actions, global pandemics, and limited industry. They are working to bring the best of the best to show the country what the North East is made of.

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