How To Grow Cannabis in New Hampshire

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grow cannabis in new hampshire

Learning how to grow cannabis in state of New Hampshire can be tricky. Especially since the state has yet to legalize cannabis and instead wants to continue pushing alcohol.

While it’s been far too little to make any sort of headway, many younger adults are seeing opportunities in legal cannabis markets right across the boarder.

As the industry continues to grow in the surrounding states, many more opportunities are developing for workers to find their way into a new industry. While it is beneficial, enough time has gone by where citizens are learning industry trades in the safety and comfort of their home. Unfortunately, if you live in New Hampshire and want to grow cannabis, you’re going to be hit with a number of fines and even prison if you get caught.

We say this because it’s hard to completely uproot your home in order to pursue an industry that you might not have had access to. That same 20-something in Mass. now has access to a wide variety of educational material on how to grow cannabis. That is fine. Now that the state has fully legalized home-grow, people can grow pot in their homes. The problem is that cannabis is legalized in other states, New Hampshire is losing the resources to do it without getting caught.

How To Grow Cannabis In New Hampshire

There are a number of home grow kits now available for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and help get their foot in the door. Outside of working at a smoke shop, you won’t find the right tools to help. This is why we decided to pull together our knowledge on how to grow cannabis in New Hampshire to help!

There are four major components that you want to take a look at if its your first time. A tent, light, air filtration and soil. There are also many home-grow kits that you can purchase for the all-in-one approach.

Tent: You want to find a grow tent that utilizing a strong kevlar exterior (to prevent ripping) and a highly reflective mylar interior. Typically hovering around 600D – you can comfortably grow 2 plants in your home without much fuss.

The Right Equipment

Light: Quantum board LED lights are the best way to go for learning on a small number of plants. The energy consumptions is low and won’t be picked up by your electrical company – cause they will absolutely rat you out of they sense something is up.

Air Filtration: This is one of the most important parts to keeping your grow journey low-key. Having the right air purification technology as a filter and fan will help cut down on the odors that will permeate during your journey.

Soil: Having the right nutrient enriched soil will help you grow right from the start. There is no need to mess around with large bottles of PH up or growth formulas – you simply need the right soil.

Remember: You are trying to learn how to grow cannabis to take the next stage in your life. As of right now, it’s not in New Hampshire – so that means you either have to up and move, or learn to do things discretely.

Locating The Right Grow Space

Do you have an unused closet? Perhaps a space bedroom with enough space for a small 2x2x5 grow tent? That’s essentially all you need.

If you are looking for a large-scale operation, well, this article isn’t for you. If you are looking for that, then you probably HAVE to leave the state. Good luck in Maine!

All you really need is a room that is temperature controlled with a door. Don’t worry, it will be like it’s not even there!

A small discrete area is perfect for keeping it low-key.

The Right Light To Grow Cannabis In New Hampshire

Finding the right light can be a problem. With regular halogen bulbs, your electricity bill will sky-rocket and potentially cause red flags with your power company. They are also a problem with emitting too much heat and can potentially cause fires. These have been typically pushed aside for more energy efficient and regulated LED lights. Even then, LED lights still drained less electricity, they still put out a number of voltages higher than normal. If you have one of these running 24/7, expect some visits from your power company.

Having a quantum board light is easy to use, the most efficient and relatively inn-expensive. You wont be having an issue with having your lights on in the tent for long periods of time. In many cases the energy needed for these lights can use even less energy than charging your phone or laptop. Yes, technology is improving drastically!

Air Filtration Systems

An air filtration system will help you remove any unwanted odors that can cause suspicion. That is why having a 100% Australian charcoal blend filter with a cotton external filter is the best way to go. For a small and enclosed area, these can be a life saver for odors. In most cases, having one of these hooked up to a directional fan will pull the bad odors that are inside the tent and push them through the filter. The end result is clean air!

The Best Soils For Growing Cannabis In New Hampshire

The best soil is made up from nutrient enriched valleys throughout the US. Many home and garden centers may have the right stuff to grow your favorite flowers and vegetables, but cannabis cultivation takes a more special brand of soil. Foxfarm and Cali Super Soil are some of the best choices of soil for growing cannabis indoors in New Hampshire.

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