Cannabis Tax In NH: Who Will This Help?

Cannabis tax revenue for New Hampshire is set to be approximate $44,163,575 dollars in the first year. With that just being one major reason to legalize, where will that tax money go towards?

We all know that the state of New Hampshire controls liquor distribution – heck we even have government funded stores right off the highway. So where does this leave tax revenue once the states shapes up and legalizes cannabis?

One of the biggest proponents for the state is the incentive of taxes. Many projects that the increase tax revenue will be going towards better schooling systems, public works projects and employment. Unfortunately, this might get meddled up in the systems that make the decision to allow us to have it in the first place.

While states all around the country are putting their legalization efforts to good use, New Hampshire’s response towards marijuana has remained questionable at best.

This concern stems from New Hampshire’s control over its own liquor. As alcohol is legal across all 50 states and at the federal level, cannabis is not. While this is a driving force for a lot of tax revenue, it also limits business owners from staking their claim.

Cannabis Tax= Liquor Tax

This might be the reason why New Hampshire still chooses to hold off on legalization. If cannabis is legal at the federal level, they will certainly try to get their hand on it.

In fact, state controlled marijuana isn’t too far off. In 2017, the state attempted to control the industry if and when it legalizes.

“The first section of the bill, says it all. The bill is very simple in that it doesn’t address legalization. That can happen anywhere else and probably has (heh) nowhere this committee. What this committee does do, is regulate liquor enforcement.” says John Hunt (R) of New Hampshire.

“At the end of the day, in any state that has gone anywhere near the marijuana issue, the task of it and regulating of it or sales of it, or who’s in charge of it, is the liquor industry. It needs to be clear that if we were to ever legalize marijuana in the state, that the NH liquor commission would have exclusive rights to the retail of marijuana and that the liquor commission can create rules and regulations on the distribution of marijuana and how it will be sold.”

According to bill HB 377:

If the sale of marijuana for recreational use is not otherwise prohibited by the laws of this state, it shall be the duty of the commission to buy and have in its possession marijuana for sale in the manner provided in this title.  The commission shall be the exclusive retail seller of marijuana, except as provided in RSA 126-X.

What Can The People Do?

This isn’t new. The state continues to try and obtain sole proprietorship over the cannabis industry. This will leave the state of New Hampshire once again profiting off of a free and independent business. As they continue to control the industry, many small businesses will, once again, miss out.

The reality of the situation comes down to holding accountability for representatives.