Cannabis Seed Companies Flourish Through 2020

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Seed companies are currently making a killing through legalized states. With the current pandemic putting the breaks on almost every industry, cannabis is no exception.

While the past few years have seen a drastic shift away from cartridges and vape products, many are going back to the “roots” of the plant itself. With many people staying indoors and businesses only allowing a certain number of attendees at a time, the thought of stopping “real-quick” to re-up supply is taking much longer than it used to.

Now, more than ever, cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients are turning to the DIY days. Many people are putting together home grows for themselves. When you have all the supplies for optimal growth, what else do you need? Well, the answer is seeds. Throughout New England, many are making the switch to their benefit. In all but one state (we’re looking at you, New Hampshire) cannabis users are turning to the OG method of growing on their basement, garage or shed. While this trend is newly emerging, many are looking for the top-tier seeds to give them the best high and best buds.

This is where many seed companies are noticing a pickup in sales. For Andrew Mutty of Beantown Greentown, things have been looking good!

As for trends in the cannabis industry, I would say HOME GROW is super popular. Having the ability to grow at home with up to 12 plants is super cool. I talked to my local grow guys at Green Harvest, and their business is doing well. 

Right now, local seed companies are looking to show off what they have to the public. In states like Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts, the current issue is proving to beneficial to some within the industry.

For states like California and Colorado, home grow is the number 1 solution to many problems. While California remains on lockdown due to the virus the avenues for purchasing cannabis are still limited. The solution for many is to simply grow their own.

Home grow is still one of the most cost-efficient ways for people to enjoy cannabis either for recreational purposes or for medical needs.

For many seed companies, this has been a golden opportunity to showcase what they have to offer.

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