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Cannabis oil is one of the most popular methods for vaping THC and CBD. While the traditional buds from the cannabis plant are still one of the most widely used, concentrates, dabs, wax – whatever you want to call it – is making huge strides.

While every other state may have legalized cannabis already in place, and thousands of people are employed and generating massive swaths of income (generally for just the business owner) cannabis oil in New Hampshire is still there…it’s just different.

New Hampshire still outlaws cannabis possession of up to 3/4 of an ounce. This has led to many “backyard scientists” to extract their own THC and place it in a vaporizer.

Let’s hold off on the “black market” scare that has come with many people trying it out on their own. Especially when they state they live in continues to outlaw cannabis. If a person is doing this for their own use, then we recommend checking out some good material on the process of extracting cannabis oil. Otherwise, let’s continue the article.

New Hampshire Cannabis Oil And The “Black Market”

While the surrounding states get to have the benefit of 100% tested cannabis products, the illegal nature of cannabis in New Hampshire has left cannabis oil lagging behind. Still, there are those trying their best to learn the ropes on how to do it properly in order either get their foot in the door or to give them enough experience to land them a job somewhere else.

The black market of New Hampshire cannabis oil has lead to a number of issues. Most of them have stemmed from the improper use of extraction materials such as isopropyl alcohol or butane.

Or if you’re a scumbag, you just used household appliances and figured “what the hell.” Of course, those people are far fewer than most media outlets tries to let you believe. In fact, most reported cases for “vape lung” were from nicotine vaporizers and didn’t come from someone vaping “backyard extract”.

‘Still, its better to know someone who knows what they’re doing – the truth is if you really care about extracting cannabis oil the right way then you can, in fact, create a safe and clean product. ‘Still, its better to know someone who knows what they’re doing – the truth is if you really care about extracting cannabis oil the right way then you can, in fact, create a safe and clean product.

Cannabis Oil Benefits For New Hampshire Residents

Cannabis oil has plenty of benefits. In a state where cannabis is only decriminalized, its still a better bet to stay safe than sorry. As much as we’d like to say “yeah whatever” to certain rules, it still won’t change the fact that if you get caught with over 3/4th an ounce, you can still face penalties.

This is why cannabis oil used in vaporizer pods, cartridges, and disposables is one of the best ways to travel the granite state without too much.

While New Hampshire tries its hardest to still arrest or penalize those who possess cannabis, its a good thing to remember that it’s best not to give them a reason.

As opposed to using regular buds, maybe a more discrete vaporizer can be the best idea. Heck, if you’re traveling from any of the surrounding states, its better to load up on a couple of vape pens and hit up the lakes region than it is to bring a ton of smelly, sticky bud. That can cause suspicion. Getting pulled over for not using a signal on an open road is one thing – having them bust you for possession is another. Police look for the odors – use common sense.

That’s just on the legal side. For users on the medical side of New Hampshire cannabis, having a longer round of dosage can help alleviate travel times if they have back pain. As there aren’t many shops that can cater to New Hampshire residents, traveling long distances with chronic back pain only adds to the issues. Some New Hampshire residents have to drive upwards of 45 minutes to an hour – when they can receive opioids right down the street. It simply adds to the issues and slow progress New Hampshire has made for its citizens.

Less Legal Issues For Vape Pens

Imagine, if you will, you are a New Yorker – coming up to New Hampshire for the brisk autumn foliage. In your state, it’s legal. This means that you can have a pretty decent amount of buds on you. In New Hampshire, that’s still going to land you with some outrageous penalties. It’s better to be safe and bring a vape pen (or a few) with you to New Hampshire in order to avoid suspicion.

Laws in New Hampshire continue to drag behind for terrible reasons.

Cannabis Oil Is Still Only Decriminalized In New Hampshire

While this fight continues from the majority of New Hampshire citizens, its still something that we need to be careful of in order to enjoy what New Hampshire has to offer.

It’s easy to think that because the rules have started to relax that anyone can do it, but that’s not true. In fact, most police patrol 95 north and south from New Hampshire to Maine in order to bust drivers moving through the quickest way. Law enforcement is still out there and regardless of how many police think it should be legal, it still doesn’t stop the law.

It’s a better idea no to create unnecessary risks when visiting New Hampshire. We may boast that we are the drunkest state, but we try to take it as responsibly as we can. It’s better to have a good time than it is to get caught.

If you are looking for the most up-to-date information on New Hampshire cannabis legalization, check out NHCann. It is a coalition of residents and business owners looking to make the big change New Hampshire needs. When 75% of citizens want change, then there’s no reason why change shouldn’t happen.

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