Does Cannabis Legalization Affect Alcohol Sales?

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While cannabis legalization has brought a lot of business and a completely new and legal industry – it is also helping to slow down drinking rates.

Questions arise on the safety of consumer in states where legalization has already occurred. “Does legalized cannabis detract people from drinking?” The answer is surprisingly yes!

A poll taken by Oregon State University, the National College Health Assessment survey shows that cannabis consumption in states where marijuana is recreationally legal is down upwards of 9%.

In contrast to states where cannabis has not been legalized, binge drinking is still one of the largest problems for citizens.

Will Cannabis Legalization Help Cut Down Binge-Drinking In New Hampshire?

The answer is more hard to tell. Most New Hampshirites are pretty on board with legalization. This may indicate that most already use the plant in addition to binge-drinking.

On the other side of the isle – national alcohol sales are down by a relatively fair margin since legalization efforts have taken place.

New Hampshire is known for binge drinking. In fact – it is ranks as the countries #1 drunkest state per capita. Regardless of the plants legalization, NH residents enjoy their alcohol. So much so that the state run industry places liquor stores right off the highway.

Will Cannabis Sales Affect Alcohol Sales?

The short answer is that we simply do not know. In most other states- citizens are looking for healthier alternatives. For New Hampshire citizens, it might be a different story. As alcohol can be a defining trait amongst many college- aged students as well as older adults, the ability to determine if it is more helpful may not be the best fit for the granite state.

While alcohol is one of the largest industries for New Hampshire, competition can present different statistics. That is, if legalization ever decides to happen.

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