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The Cannabis Coalition Bill will be the next step towards legalization in New Hampshire.

While it has been a long, lengthy and arduous road to legalization, steps have been made. We cannot deny that no longer are citizens going to jail for small amounts of cannabis. On top of that, every state in surrounding New England area has us in a sea of prohibition.

It can be pessimistic to believe that cannabis will never be legalized in the state. Not with Alcohol being a primary form of government funding – and the competition that a legal industry would provide.

That being said, it may feel like the average citizen doesn’t have a voice, or an outlet to support ending the “spread cheeked” approach to legalizing cannabis. That is why we invite everyone to come out to Murphy’s Taproom in order to showcase the founding blueprints towards a better cannabis initiative for the granite state.

What Is In The New Hampshire Cannabis Coalition Bill?

Well for starts, it talks about the legalization for cannabis consumption of adults 21+. It also puts the tax on cannabis at 8.5% – WAY lower than our surrounding neighbors. On top of that, it has initiatives for local farmers to start growing cannabis without the interruption of large-scale distributors.

Take a look at more highlights here!

All of these are exciting new factors that have seen at least a decade of planning. While the surrounding states get to enjoy the benefits of a legal cannabis industry, New Hampshire citizens are losing out on joining a potentially lucrative new industry. On top of that, many New Hampshirites have to up and leave their homes if they want to start their way into the cannabis industry.

While New Hampshire is a “decriminalized” state, it still doesn’t stop law enforcement for harassing citizens on possession. Let’s not forget that when decrim was signed, it allows up to only 3/4 of an ounce. This was deliberate knowing cannabis users purchase in full ounces. The remaining states – once “decriminalized” laid back on the rules, New Hampshire still finds that it can benefit from persecuting people for petty and small cannabis possession.

Check out Murphys Taproom on the 23rd

Murphy’s Taproom is the place for this unveiling! We want everyone who cares about the benefits of cannabis in New Hampshire to be in attendance! Speak with the people in charge of putting this bill together and understand why New Hampshire needs to see common-sense policies immediately!

Check Out NHCANN and see what they are doing!

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