Bootleg Vape Cartridges: How To Spot One

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Bootleg Vape cartridges have been the focus of many government officials in the state of New Hampshire. The industry is under fire. With the sale of black market THC cartridges, comes the concern from many consumers. We reached out to dispensary technicians to understand how to spot unsafe cartridges.

Consumers are definitely nervous, and as they should be when buying from unverified sources. The key is to buy vape product from trusted sources and understand potential risks. Concerns over if using these products usually revolve around potential pulmonary infections. Anything you put in your lungs besides air comes with risks. The key here is to understand what those risks are and to make an informed decision for yourself.

We always suggest that if you are concerned about using vaping products you should cease using them. If you would like to find the least risky option go to a dispensary instead of buying off the street. Dispensary technicians are one of the best resources for information.


When it comes to bootleg vape cartridges, you can tell if it has additives. The liquid will be runny and flows in the chamber easily, the liquid will also tend to be light in color. If you find your throat or lungs are irritated after using the product stop using it. And again the best place to buy vaping products are from trusted sources and dispensaries.

With the rise of illegal THC cartridges, many New Hampshire state representatives believe that moving towards full legalization could provide a safe and effective industry. One that meets the safety requirements of the FDA.

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