At Home Cultivation Helps MMJ Cardholders With Access

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at home cultivation

At home cultivation laws in the states surrounding New Hampshire have seen an uptick. In places like Maine and Massachusetts, residents are becoming more aware of the benefits and savings that come with home grow. While retail shops are turning over profits in these states, the consumer is left fronting a pretty hefty bill. Here are a few reasons why so many are making the switch.

At Home Cultivation Saves Money

We’ve all seen it happen. Finally your state decides to legalize cannabis. You head to your first opened retail store ready to drop some cash on legal products. Unfortunately, when you get there that fat stack of cash you were ready to drop isn’t going to take you as far. With legal industry comes tax and regulation. Where you were spending $35-$40 for an eighth, you’re now spending $50-$60. The national average for an ounce of marijuana is approximately $230. This can be higher depending on the quality and tax regulations of your state.

Many MMj cardholders in New Hampshire are left to spend more money to help relieve their chronic pain and other various ailments. It makes sense that if you are spending that money, you might find alternatives – namely your neighbor who was selling you weed before.

Cultivation Is Organic

What’s better than thinking that your cannabis is 100% organic? Knowing it is because you grow it yourself.

The industry is held at the same level of production as big tobacco. This means there are no restrictions in regards to the methods of how a cannabis plant can be produced. Many cannabis companies actually use the same pesticides that tobacco companies use which also lead to cancer causing effects.

Now, we get it, smoking ANYTHING can be harmful to the lungs, but many medical cardholders wish to not inhale cannabis. They simply utilize ointments and edibles. These are also very popular DIY methods.

For easy-to-use soil kits to compact hydroponic kits, the ability to grow is developing at an alarming rate.

Deterrents Of At Home Cultivation

While many are eager to put in the work, a few hurdles stand in the way. For most of New England the only issue is the cost of an at-home kit. Fortunately there are a list of affordable kits that produce all the bud you could want.

You no longer have to go to your local hardware store, pick up everything individually and put aside a day (and a potential room in your house) to grow.

For the states that have not legalized at home cultivation (*cough looking at you New Hampshire and Rhode Island) the largest issue is doing things illegally.

New Hampshire has fallen extremely far behind in terms of how it has handled (or mishandled) cannabis legalization. Bills that receive considerable bi-partisan support get shot down by only a few – namely the police chief and our own Governor Chris Sununu.

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