Are 510 Thread Batteries The Best For New Hampshire?

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510 thread batteries

The discrete nature and universal standard makes 510 thread batteries the best device for New Hampshire vape users, but new technology is catching up in popularity.

If you walk into any local New Hampshire smoke shop, you will be greeted by a number of vape pens. From water pipes and hand pipes to new age to technologically advanced tabletop vaporizers.

When New Hampshire allowed the sales and purchases of CBD, many New Hampshirites went to vape technology. This was due to the lack of smell, discrete nature and improved flavor performance.

Why Are 510 Thread Batteries The Best For NH?

Vape pens are one of the most popular devices because they are the most universal vape pen on the market. While other devices are moving into other designs, the simple 510 thread technology has been utilized as the single most used component of vape pens and cartridges.

When vape pens were first introduced to the market, they were design for standard ejuice. At the same time, new innovations in cannabis technology were emerging. The popular use of extraction methods and removing the THC from the raw plant material (otherwise known as “dabbing”) quickly started to shift how people would enjoy cannabis for years to come.

The original vape pens and batteries were extremely low quality. This was one of the first deterrents. They would showcase primarily what the technology could do at the time.

When it was soon discovered to compliment the oil or wax market, innovation became a priority.

Major Vape Pen Advancements

The original device was made with a cotton wick was was fine for ejuice, but couldn’t handle the high voltage for wax. The battery itself was also underperforming. It would often die before the user could finish the contents of the tank. The cartridge was also not properly set up for cannabis oil. It would burn due to the high voltage and leave a nasty burnt taste in the users mouth. Often these devices would clog and it could be difficult to unclog your vape pen. Many backyard extractors would learn how to refill a vape pen, and then sell them to their friend with unnecessary additives.

Thus the hunt to improve performance was on. Many would find that glass was too fragile for the vape cartridge coil. On the opposite side of the coin, titanium coils would be the best at retaining the heat, but terrible with a flavor profile. Thus, ceramic was selected to the best standard component due to its ability to absorb high levels of heat and still deliver a high quality flavor performance.

The vape pen battery would also see major improvements. While it was horribly underperforming, making the battery life bigger was the first step. The big issue was to improve the battery performance while maintaining the small discrete nature of the device. It is a good thing technology likes to provide more power for less size cause thats exactly what happened. Additionally, the ability to recharge the device plus adding variable voltage made users enjoy the idea of vaping healthier products.

Popularity In New Hampshire

As the state has seen an extremely slow crawl towards legalization, the idea of black market cannabis is still prevalent. At least for now, we can get cartridges from across the boarder in almost any surrounding state. What gives this a silver lining is that instead of relying on your friend to fill his THC cartridge with god-knows-what, you can typically buy unopened cartridge from your local dealer. Most of these products already have the required tests to pass commercial sales.

As universal at the 510 thread cartridge and battery is, the cannabis industry (or lack of cannabis industry) has left many innovative products waiting at the door for times to change.

See, many THC vape pens, and vape pods are becoming more specialized for commercial oil manufacturers. Instead of having the overall universal quality of 510 thread technology, the components remain the same, but a specific battery is required for specific pods. This is to create returning customers.

For New Hampshire, that technology hasn’t made it past our boarders effectively, this is due to the lack of shops that can carry these products. Need a Stiiizy pod? Too bad – you have to drive all the way to Mass or Maine in order to buy one. Then drive back across the boarder.

This is why 510 thread batteries are still a number one choice for new Hampshire residents. The devices universal function still has a major benefit for states that have yet to pass legalization, and yet people will still be searching for healthier methods.

Can 510 Thread Batteries Keep Up The Momentum?

The same reason why these new vape pods and devices are gaining popularity is due to the new and emerging industry and trends. While the universal nature benefits New Hampshire, states that have legalized cannabis are moving out and staking their claim. “Our products, our pens” is the typical go-to for many cannabis oil manufacturers. They want you to come back to them – and SPECIFICALLY them. This is slowly draining the support for commercially universal cannabis vape pen technology. Soon we might find ourselves with a basket full of specifically designed THC vape pens with a pod that cannot fit any of them.

Still, thats not our fault – we can be utilizing normal products like every other normal person in a legalized state, but for some reason our police chief and governor still think this okay.

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