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Here at NH Cannanow, we look to inform citizens of what is currently happening with cannabis reform. We believe that the legalization of cannabis in the Granite State will help keep people out of jail, improve the issues stemming from New Hampshire’s dependency on opiates and bring better industries and jobs to NH citizens. NH Cannanow strives to provide meaningful connections with the community and works to provide the best New Hampshire Cannabis News in the state! The promise of a legalized New Hampshire is gaining tremendous momentum. From state representatives to health officials to everyday citizens, the country is looking at the benefits that legalization can bring. It is our goal to inform the public on these benefits by providing up-to-date concise New Hampshire Cannabis News. While the surrounding states have fully legalized cannabis, New Hampshire still falls extremely far behind. Our efforts for change continue to meet with a small but influential committee. While this committee continues to work against the interests of the people, the people are targets for enforcement.

New Hampshire Cannabis Creates A Better Tomorrow

75% of state residents, they have had enough! While we look at the other states which have been successful in legalizing cannabis, we continue to abide by outdated policies and excuses. As this continues to happen, many are continuing to face harsh penalties. The surrounding states are already seeing the benefits of a fully legalized society. The penalties from the state by state officials are more dangerous than the plant itself. We will continue to strive to help support the New Hampshire community. By providing the information to help make better decisions for MMJ cardholders, recreational smokers, and everyone in between. Our goal is to help shape New Hampshire cannabis for the better. While maintaining that the dangers of this plant are far less than what is taught. The cannabis community network that is NHCannanow is a website devoted to cannabis across the state of New Hampshire. We pride ourselves in informing residents of current laws, MMJ, products, and events. We work to ensure that all topics are informative, concise, and accurate. This works to provide you, the reader with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding Cannabis. We provide a vast network for businesses from the New England area. This network helps to spread the message of legalization to politicians within the New Hampshire system.

Our Cannabis Community Network Strives To Inform

Our writers love interviewing business professionals, medical experts, and industry leaders. The future of a unified cannabis industry within New England is here and we want you to be a part of it! New Hampshire sits as the only state in New England that has not legalized cannabis. The plan is to change that. From networking events to promoting safe and effective cannabis consumption – we provide the facts on legalization.

Cannabis As A Cure

The use of medical marijuana has time and time again shown its importance. From treating PTSD to chronic pain, the use of medical marijuana is proving to be a far more effective alternative than many other medications. We provide information for upcoming bills, and when to vote as well as provide insights to public hearings, words from politicians and activists who fight for legalization. New Hampshire can have the same potential as any of the surrounding states. The economic growth for small businesses will help boost the state’s economy. The tax revenue can help many issues within the community. The cannabis community network isn’t just businesses, doctors, and public figures, its each and every New Hampshire citizen looking to make the state a better place to live. Its time for citizens to step up and fight for legalization. Legalization is one of the largest topics for the state of New Hampshire. While NH is decriminalized, many still feel the force of legal/illegal purchasing. We  want to address a number of concerns about the safety of the public – not just for those who smoke but for the community at large.

The prospects for legalization will help small businesses, drive the local economy, and provide tax funding for underfunded programs.

Legalization and Crime

We understand that even though the state no longer incarcerates individuals for possession of cannabis, the impact of enforcement is still questioned by up to 73% of state residents. Where New Hampshire was last in line to decriminalize, many could have been spared jail-time. The impact of the law led to larger incarceration rates for possession. The effects of unjust laws have placed a larger burden on the public than the overall crime of consuming cannabis.

For many, a ticket for cannabis possession can be costly. We believe that this needs to end.

Tax Benefits

New Hampshire legalization provides many benefits for public funding. Current projected tax revenue for the state of New Hampshire is $64,000,000 per hear. This would provide a vast increase in public funding for education systems and other public projects throughout the state.

Small Businesses

The economic impact of legalization will benefit small businesses throughout the state. Not only will this help generate a larger industry for the state, but the surrounding states can now legally transport between lines. This opens up new avenues for businesses.

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