2020 Pheno Cup Safety And A Great Time!

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The 2020 Pheno Cup is Looking to make a difference for legal industries who have been dealt a hard blow by the global pandemic.

COVID-19 has brought about an extremely tightened noose around almost every industry. As a detrimental blow to those looking to start new businesses, one industry has seen some of the highest and lowest points in terms of how this virus is conflicting with growth. The cannabis industry for New England is still in the process of planting their roots in the ground. With many legal businesses facing the hard reality of closing, multiple small-time “under the radar” shops are flourishing. For those in the industry that have followed the rules, and have taken the necessary steps to comply, the hit has taken its largest toll.

Cannabuisnesses throughout the New England area were not spared from the first round of stimulus checks. As the federal government does not recognize cannabis due to its continued persistence to keep it as a schedule 1 narcotic, almost all legal businesses have had to close – or refrain from even starting. Among the confusion and speculation, one event has decided to take a lateral move. The 2020 Pheno Cup, a culmination of Scott Odette and local music promoter Jiggs Music will not spend this year catering to large crowds and ticket sales but instead, work to help small businesses looking to plant themselves in the New England cannabis industry.

Scott Odette Brings Hope To A Hurt Industry

Scott has been working within the New England cannabis community for years. His time working with genetic companies has led him to pursue his own cannabis industry endeavors.

The Pheno Cup is soon-to-be one of New England’s Premier Cannabis events. Hosted In Harmony, Maine the event is taking a different turn than previous events.

Instead of catering to large crowds (which creates a higher potential for contracting COVID-19), the event will cater to the vendors. Providing a network for new businesses to connect and show their support for a newly emerging industry.

With all types of event planning, there are hurdles to overcome. Add to that, the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the general speculations that come with it, and you have to make sideways moves.

We spoke with Scott Odette about running a Cannabis event with the issues that come from the pandemic.

What is it like trying to pull the necessary strings together in order for the Pheno Cup to take flight?

“Its been extremely difficult. Not only are we acquiring the resources to optimize safety, but were taking a different approach as to the concept of why we started this event. There are countless safety nets that we are putting in place to make sure everyone has a good time and remains safe.”

“The festival will be held on a large campground. Each campsite will cater to far more than the average 6-foot distancing protocols. Like all events, the goal is to sell as many tickets as possible. The virus has thrown a large stick in the wheel of lives. We’re looking to continue to grow despite the setbacks.”

“As we did our seed drop off at the start, we used the proper PPE and only allowed for pickups as well as non-contact delivery. This same approach has been in place for all entries.”

For those interested in the emerging event, they will be able to view portions of the judging competitions live.

“We will be hosting the growing portion of the cup virtually which will also allow those not available to sit in and watch. This is not usually done for most growing competitions.”

“I’m going to have all the judges pick out their winners and then they’ll judge them and smoke them on camera…even bringing the runner up if they wanted to.”

The 2020 Pheno Cup Looks To Expand

Can you lead us into any insight as to what will happen this year as opposed to last year?

“This year we added solvent lists and edibles. As well as our Pheno hunt.”

“We’re looking for people to grow and bring the fire and find that proper Pheno. So, for prizes, we have a gift certificate and a trophy. Hybrid categories will get to work with breeders to name the strain! City slickers genetic and a few surprise prizes will be issued to the winners. The winner gets to smoke an amalgamation of all the losers weed wrapped into one.”

The date for the postponement will be for August 6-8th of 2021 for the festival portion.

While this year has brought many issues for hosting events, next year plans to be bigger and better. The plan for this year is to take a step back. We want to gather support from local vendors. We would also like to have a solid network for those looking to promote themselves within the cannabis community.

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